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Nania’s is a drinks company born out of, and inspired by, our small urban vineyard on our allotment in central Bristol. When our family moved into the wonderful Bristol neighbourhood of Montpelier, the very first thing we did was make cider from our heavily laden apple tree in the garden, and we’ve been fermenting ever since! We planted 30 vines on the adjoining allotment (out back) and Nania’s Vineyard was born. Several vintages later and we’ve outgrown our allotment vines but we’ll never forget our roots! We’re now working with some fantastic partners in the English and Welsh Wine industries producing the UK’s first low-intervention canned wines.

See our launch video below.

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We make low-intervention ‘natural’ wines canned for the craft beer generation.  Our philosophy is to let nature take the lead during the growing season as well as during the winemaking.  To work with the vine and the fruit, not to control them but to be in harmony with mother nature as much as possible.  For our two new still wines, our orange wine – a skin contact white wine, and our red field blend, we’ve worked in collaboration with low-intervention specialist David Morris of Mountain People Wine in Wales to make two very unique wines from grapes sourced from two small family run vineyards in the west country.


Our still wines have been fermented with naturally occurring yeasts from the grape skins for a true sense of ‘terroir’ in the glass (or can!)


In the winery we’ve utilised a spontaneous malolactic conversion to transform the tart malic acid into a smoother lactic acid.  We allowed this to occur naturally when the winery warmed up in the spring.


Our wines are unfiltered, unfined, raw and alive inside.  Nothing added, nothing taken away.  We let nature lead the way.


We used the Beaujolais technique of carbonic maceration, leaving the grape bunches whole for a few weeks before pressing them as usual.  This extracts unique flavours as the fermentation begins within the intact grape.


We’re using cans for our wines because they are the most convenient and sensible option from a sustainability perspective.  Our lightweight aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable,  so recyclable that 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Our cans have had many past lives and have many more to come.  They are also lightweight saving on unnecessary transport emissions and the smaller serving size enables savings on wine wastage as well.


We’ve partnered with the lovely ALEX LUCAS, a.k.a. LUCAS ANTICS who is responsible for the artwork on our lovely cans turning them into collectors items with the stroke of her brush. We’re looking forward to collaborating with her in future as we expand our range of deliciousness for your enjoyment.

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Nania’s Vineyard is situated on an allotment in Bristol’s creative and vibrant Montpelier neighbourhood.  It’s just a small patch out the back of our terraced house and we’ve filled it with vines, some taken as cuttings from a 50 year-old grape vine we inherited in our back garden. It’s where we spend most of our free time and where we experiment with small-scale viticulture and oenology and its where we gained the confidence to make natural wines.  It has a unique microclimate and the rich clay soils produce vigorous and healthy vines.  We named it Nania’s Vineyard, taking inspiration from the lady of the house, Shelley, and her family name.  It comes from her Persian-Indian grandfather Phiroze Nania.  He was a Parsi from Mumbai who sailed from India to England in the 50’s and never looked back.  We’re carrying on his adventurous spirit in everything we do at Nania’s





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