THE BADGER – 12 Cans

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Introducing The Somerset Badger, a canned Red Wine that brings a touch of English elegance to your palate. Crafted with a meticulous low-intervention approach, this unique English wine is a blend of 60% Pinot Meunier and 40% Pinot Noir, sourced from Mayland Vineyard in Somerset. The grapes were carefully fermented using indigenous yeasts and underwent a carbonic maceration process for 32 days, adding depth and character to the final blend. Once gently pressed the wine was left to develop naturally for a year before being carefully canned without filtration. This light English red wine has a deep pink hue, setting the stage for a sensory journey with complex aromas of redcurrant, cranberry, and English summer fruits that greet your nose. On the palate, The Somerset Badger reveals its light-bodied and dry nature, accompanied by balanced acidity. This is complemented by intriguing secondary and tertiary notes that add smoky and earthy nuances, delivering a delightful complexity and depth of character. We recommend serving The Somerset Badger at a cool cellar temperature, around 15ºC. Nania’s package our English Wines in sustainable aluminum cans, The Somerset Badger embodies a harmonious blend of innovation and environmental consciousness. These lightweight, recyclable cans preserve the wine’s quality while minimising its carbon footprint, ensuring your enjoyment aligns with your sustainability values. The Malvern Fox proudly represents a new direction for English winemaking, inviting you to discover a truly remarkable taste experience while embracing sustainability.

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