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Nania's Kombucha

Nania’s Kombucha is a cultured living drink.  Brewed and barrel-fermented in our nano brewery situated on Nania’s Vineyard in central Bristol, we have perfected a can-conditioning process and hand can our kombucha in small batches for the Bristol market and beyond.  We’ve been brewing kombucha continuously since 2019 when we were given our first S.C.O.B.Y. after attending a fermentation workshop at Shambala music festival.  We now spread the kombucha love ourselves making an authentic kombucha that is RAW and alive inside.  It’s very much the real deal and we’re so confident in the provenance of our brew that we offer a S.C.O.B.Y guarantee.  If you can’t grow your own kombucha culture using one of our cans we’ll happily refund your purchase.  Click the link to find out more.


Watch the launch video for our sister English wine brand below.

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Barrel Fermented

At our kombucha brewery, we employ a unique barrel-fermentation process to coax depth and complexity from our small-batch offerings. As the fermentation gets underway, the kombucha culture thrives in the barrel environment, benefiting from the micro-oxygenation provided by the porous oak. This interaction between the living culture and the wood allows us to cultivate rich, layered flavours that simply can’t be achieved using commercial methods.

We sourced our barrels through our connections in the English wine trade, and have two prized former Chardonnay barrels from the legendary Domaine Louis Latour in Burgundy, France.

Our  barrel-fermenting and can-conditioning process sets our kombucha apart, producing complexity and sophistication you won’t find in mass-produced commercial offerings. Each batch is unique, a reflection of our commitment to quality and artisanal methods.

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At our kombucha brewery, barrel-fermentation in oak barrels allows us to craft small-batch brews of unparalleled depth and complexity.


Our kombucha is can-conditioned which means we finish the fermentation ‘in-can’ creating a delicate and natural effervescence that is incomparable to force carbonation.


We flavour with hops during the primary fermentation lending a citrus note to our brew complementing the delicate green tea flavour.


We source our bespoke green tea blend from the rare tea company and we give 1% of our sales to their charity supporting farming families in tea growing communities.


After the initial barrel-fermentation, we carefully can-condition our kombucha in small batches. This gentle, natural carbonation process allows the effervescence to develop gradually, resulting in a perfectly balanced and refreshing final product.

Our can-conditioning regime is a true test of patience and artistry. By precisely controlling temperature, time, and other variables, we coax out vibrant carbonation that complements the depth of flavours imparted by the barrel fermentatrion. The end result is a kombucha that dazzles the senses – a harmonious balance of subtle complexity and refreshing fizz in every can.

We’re also using cans for our kombucha because they are the most convenient and sensible option from a sustainability perspective.  Our lightweight aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable,  so recyclable that 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Our cans have had many past lives and have many more to come.  They are also lightweight saving on unnecessary transport emissions.
Beyond their green credentials, the smaller serving size of our cans also prevents waste, allowing our customers to enjoy our complex, layered flavours at their peak freshness.
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We use only the finest tea from our partners at rare tea company.  We work with rare tea company because their values align with ours.  All their tea is ethically traded and they only work with farmers using organic principles who don’t use chemical pesticide or herbicides.  On top of this we’ve proudly committed to giving 1% of our sales to the rare charity supporting education scholarships in tea growing communities.  For more info click here.

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Our nano brewery is nestled next to our allotment vineyard in the creative, vibrant Montpelier neighbourhood of Bristol.  It’s tucked away behind our terraced home. It’s a small, intimate brewery, but it’s where we spend time experimenting with small-batch fermentation and honing our craft.

It’s in this cozy urban oasis that we’ve cultivated a thriving kombucha culture, drawing inspiration from the unique microclimate and nutrient-rich soil as well as our adventures in viticulture and oenology. We’ve filled the space with equipment and vessels, each one meticulously tended to as we refine our artisanal brewing techniques.

We named our brand “Nania’s,” taking inspiration from the family name of the lady of the house, Shelley. Her Persian-Indian grandfather, Phiroze Nania, was a Parsi from Mumbai who sailed to England in the 1950s, never looking back. His adventurous spirit lives on in everything we do here, as we push the boundaries of what’s possible with kombucha.

It’s in this humble, passion-fueled space that we’ve gained the confidence to create complex, layered kombucha that captures the essence of our local terroir. Each small batch is a testament to our meticulous attention to detail and our commitment to crafting something truly special.

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